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Lesbian site, melswebs, art, poetry, stories


Melswebs is a website designed for women. For women to send their art, poetry or stories, or for women to come and see the work of others.

A place for you to show off your talents and hobbies. Somewhere that you can come to chat to friends or post messages, ask questions or to share a problem.

The Message boards are ideal for those of your who have questions that others may be able to answer. One section is a Problem Page, so other women can share their views and experiences and maybe help you out and offer you some form of support.

A private chat room is available for you to use and hopefully you will meet friends when posting messages etc and arrange to meet in there for personal 'real-time' chats. To have a laugh, share your dreams or ask for support when you are feeling down or low and things feel to much for you to manage.

I hope you will enjoy this website and help us make it a virtual community where all women can feel safe and unjudged, safe from criticism and discrimination.

Respectfully yours,

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Webmasters Make $$$

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