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Several people have been kind enough to help with Melswebs in one form or another. I would like to offer a very BIG thank you to all........xoxoxoxoxox

Noah Grey - Photographer. For allowing me to use the code from your website, to change and manipulate it and create Melswebs. For allowing me to learn about Cascading Style Scripts from use of this code and 'trial and error' changes.  Thanks :o) .....Another thank you for subsequently agreeing to let me use images from your site!! xox

Brent Bradley - Photographer. For agreeing to let me use your stunning photographs on Melswebs, to bring the imagery of the poetry and stories to life. Thanks *smiling atcha*

Dave Crowley - The storm chaser who agreed to let me use the wonderful photographs he captured of 'storms.' Thanks darlin', they are awesome pics!!!

Mark J Thomas - Award-winning nature photographer. The most beautifully inspiring images of wildlife and scenics seen in magazines, textbooks, posters and greetings cards worldwide. Your a cheeky bloke and an awesome photographer. Cheers mate *winking atcha.*

AND ALL IT TOOK WAS the courtesy of A simple EMAIL ................

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