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So, how many of you have ever had an outer body experience, a link with the spirit world or just witnessed something unexplainable? Is is just 'Deja vue' or have you already been in that time and place before? Do we know the answers, or is it just inexplicable and unexplainable....or...just maybe, there is more to it after all!

Well, I think that most of us have experienced Deja vue in one form or another, whether it be remembered discussions, places or actions. I know that I experience deja vue practically daily and I am always astounded that, when this occurs, I always seem to know what people are going to say next, in what order and also who is going to say it.

I do not consider myself to be special or any different from other people in this respect. However, I do seem to have quite a number of dreams which come true and also have had some experiences with 'unknown entities.' Whether you believe this or not is up to you and your own judgement, but, if you read the following factual stories then you can decide for yourself.

Although the stories are factual, I have not stated dates and times. I dream the dreams and then move on. I do hope that you all understand this. Also I refrain from making any personal information about myself or family available over the internet, so for the most part, my dreams are told as a story without names, place names or addresses, dates and times.

Please do not label me as strange or odd, I am a perfectly ordinary person, only...maybe I am a little more sensitive, instinctive or intuitive than most!!

Here are just a few of my many experiences!

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