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What's New

Oct  - Nov 2006

  • Removal of guestbook, comment pages, submission pages, streamlining of site in order to prevent SPAM!

JuLy - Oct 2006 - not much going on!! I moved and separated

JuLy 2006

  • New Chat Room -access via the message boards following registration

  • Amended Send Card functionality.

  • Various site updates.

Feb 18th 2006 to June 2006

  • Message board upgrades

  • Various bug fixes

  • Gallery fixed

June  10th 2005 to Feb 18th 2006

  • Various link additions

  • Meta tag updates

  • Site Marketing

  • Search engine ranking initiative

  • Various code changes and site upgrades

  • Selection of message board administrators

  • Selection of message board moderators

  • Work on an automatic song lyric generator

May  27th to June 10th 2005

  • Enhanced the chat speed.

  • Managed to get the test site fixed!...took ages *sighing

  • User profiles, email and other info is now only viewable by members (general public cant view this information).

  • Email via the boards between members is now available.

  • Changed new registrations to acceptance by admin....not automatic, following our recent influx of unwanted visitors.

APRIL 7th to May 27th 2005

Site maintenance, link additions, affiliate links, set up and held our first moderators and Admins meeting.......lots of exciting things being researched. Added a horoscope.

APRIL 7th 2005

Added a new free desktop calendar for April.

 March 25th to April 6th 2005

Various site links added and also affiliate links for shopping.

Also went away for a week :o)

March 20th to 25th 2005

The site was hacked and so I had to disable the boards to make urgent repairs and reinstall the database backup.

FEB 23rd 2005


NEW March Desktop Calendar to download FREE!!

New featured poet for February 2005, Theresa L Mack.

 FEB 09th 2005

FIXED the gallery, so you can all upload your pics again!

I won't be able to do much on the site for the next week or so as my laptop is going in for a service before it dies on me completely and I lose everything!

FEB 08th 2005

Alerted to an upload error in the gallery. Major error as it prevents everyone from uploading images.

20th Jan 2005 to FEB o3rd 2005

Site link additions. Looking into adding some more stores. Working on some new code for an automatic song generator......its taking me ages!

Added February's Desktop Calendar.

28th Dec 2004 to Jan 20th 2005

Numerous site updates and maintenance......including navigation updates.

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Caption copyright  Mel of melswebs

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