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Automated Lesbian Art, Crafts and Photography Gallery

If you would like to see your own lesbian art, crafts or photography on this site then please join the automated lesbian art, crafts and photography gallery. You can upload your own art images or photographs at leisure. There are a number of categories you can view or upload your art works too and you can even have your own personal art / photo gallery.....and what's more, its all FREE!!!

Lesbian art CATEGORies are as follows:

Abstract Animals
Birds Cartoon and Humour
Fantasy Flowers and Trees
Landscapes My Girl
Planetary Seascapes
Sensual and Erotic Science Fiction
Still Life Other
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Lesbian Photography CATEGORies are as follows:

Animals / Pets Birds (the feathered kind!)
Buildings / Cities Floral and Trees
Landscapes 'My Girl'
Other People and Portraits
Seascapes Submit Lesbian Photographs

lesbian CRAFT CATEGORies are as follows:

Jewellery Needlework
Pottery / Ceramics Sculpture
Stained Glass Weaving
Other Submit lesbian crafts

Every so often I hope to do a feature on a selected lesbian artist, just email me if you are interested.

When using the art gallery please try to give your art a title. Some people, like myself, like to know the art medium you have used as well, so maybe you could add this and any key words that you feel would be useful for anyone else searching for your art.

The content of your art does not have to reflect your lesbian tendencies, but can be on any subject that you wish to express. So long as you are a woman who loves women! Erotic art is acceptable, but not nude photography (although some might argue that this is itself erotic art!).

If you would like an image to print out yourself, thus saving on shipping, you can copy any art images by mel of melswebs (under the moniker melons) only (which is under the melswebs copyright). Copying work by other artists is forbidden because this work is under each individual artists copyright.

Any of my personal new art works or art in progress will be featured in the lesbian art and photo gallery (depending on how busy I am with web updates!).

If you fancy donating to help me keep this site going...then... please click here.

Well, one of my artworks has fallen by the wayside for a very long time due to insufficient time to manage this site and being creative lol. It has been created using computer software, and is called Gothic Girl. Here are the first two stages I have completed. The more detail I add, then obviously, the more time it takes me to complete the picture. I hope you like it so far :o)

Gothic Girl

The lack of picture quality is because the picture images are .gif and not .jpeg images. Jpeg images provide greater quality. In order to give faster loading web pages, the images have been optimized, which also causes some loss in picture quality. When the artwork is complete, then they will be saved as .jpeg, non-optimized. (Did that make sense?....oh, well I know what I mean *smiling atcha*).

art gothic girl   art gothic girl
First Stage
(3 hours work)
  Second Stage
(4.5 hours work)

Header images courtesy of Mark J Thomas

Caption copyright  Mel of melswebs


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